FDC Preschool is proud to offer an exciting and unique program for our students; our Enrichment Program.  It’s an opportunity to offer an extended day or an additional day for your child with a thematic approach.  We’ve designed our program to stimulate young minds, have extra-ordinary hands-on activities, and provide additional play and learning outside of the typical preschool day.  All areas of curriculum are included such as art, math, literacy, cooking, dramatic play and more!   Themes from previous years have been......

  • Little Artist – Children painted while lying on their backs under tables to imagine Michelangelo Buonarroti working on the Sistine Chapel.  We learned about watercolor by painting a bridge like Claude Monet.  Our still life Sunflowers were like Vincent van Gogh and we tried Pop art just like our own Pittsburgher Andy Warhol!  
  • Little Chef – Imagine making bread, pizza, or pancakes while learning science at the same time!  We use literature to reinforce cooking lessons.  Our little Chefs-to-be!!!
  • Transportation/Simple Machines – Imagine pendulum painting, sitting in a kayak in preschool, making a lever and pulley pick up a bucket, and creating a dump truck out of an egg carton!  Will a sponge sink or float?
  • Make Believe and Fairy Tales – Imagine acting out Little Red Riding Hood and watching your own video, tasting porridge like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, or making real bread and homemade butter like the Little Red Hen!
  • Science and Nature – The children watch ants work their way through endless tunnels in an Ant Farm.  Imagine making a nature sketchbook of the animals you see everyday around you.  We are excited to work with magnets and experiment with a light table.

The Enrichment Program is available on Wednesday afternoon from 11:30 – 2:30 (includes lunch bunch).  Children who are not enrolled in our preschool program are welcome to participate! 



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