I currently have the third one of our grandchildren attending Family Development Center Preschool.  My first experience with FDC found teachers who were caring, loving, and very knowledgeable on how to handle preschool children.  To get children introduced to the school, they have a clean- up day where parents and children can go and help "wash" the toys and games used in the upcoming year.  This gives them an opportunity to meet their teachers in the comfort of having a parent with them.  I was amazed that the teachers knew my grandchild by name the first time they met.  Our last grandchild has been a challenge, but not for the wonderful teachers at FDC.  They work with each child as an individual, meeting their needs on any given day.  I leave him each day with assurance that he is being placed in the best possible environment for learning and socializing.
I was also impressed with the fact that the children learn with hands-on methods, and not from a lot of worksheets, as I've seen from other preschools.  The art and craft work is very original and incorporates learning with fun.  I've been very impressed with the friendliness of the parents and their efforts to help out whenever there is a need.  This was evident for the open house held in the spring of each year.  It was like family meeting to enjoy the fruits of the years learning experiences.
I am a retired teacher. I have become very particular about who educates my children and grandchildren.  I could not have found a more perfect preschool than FDC and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a GOOD preschool experience for their children. 
Carol Brandt
I love Family Development Center.  Krista and the teachers at the FDC have provided both of out children with a safe, caring learning environment.  The school also offers many exciting field trips in addition to after-school enrichment programs.  We look forward to one more year with such wonderful teachers and classmates!


The Johnson Family



My family loves Family Development Center!  My two sons have each attended all three years of preschool at FDC and they have loved every minute of it!  The teachers all truly care about each and every one of their students and go out of their way to make sure that every child feels special.  Between all of the field trips, crafts, parties, and other guests who visit the school, your child will have a fabulous preschool experience at FDC!

Patti Jo Lambert



The FDC is an amazing school.  My husband and I have our 3rd child in the school and she loves it.  The teachers are an amazing group of women and they care for each and every child who comes into the door.  The students do a lot of work at the school such as crafts, playtime, work sheets, and bake all different kinds of things.  Also, they learn computer skills and how to share with one another.  Our daughter is in the 4PM class this year and she brings home little paper books and reads them to us at home.  I love it and she feels good about herself because she’s learning to read.  I hope the FDC is around for many more years.  

Kelly and Chris Smith



My daughter was shy, sometimes painfully shy, around people she didn’t know well.  The teachers at FDC knew exactly how to make her feel comfortable and encourage her to interact with others.  She flourished at FDC.  My daughter is now in Kindergarten – she loves school, is confident, creative, and has a strong desire to learn.  FDC is a big reason for that.  

When it was time for my second daughter to enter preschool, there was no question that we’d be choosing FDC.  I highly recommend this school!

Kristen Paxton



The teachers at FDC are absolutely incredible.  They are kind, sincere, dedicated, creative, and fun at every level!  For this reason, our son has been enrolled there for the past 2 ½ years, and we plan to enroll our daughter when she is ready.  We could not be happier with our decision!

Beth Kaufman



This is my girls second year at FDC and they absolutely love it.  The teachers are all great.  They provide a positive and nurturing environment that makes the kids comfortable and excited about learning.  My girls love all the extras like lunch bunch, Spanish, yoga, and all the fun holiday parties and field trips.  They’ve made so many great friends, and overall, it’s been a very positive experience!~

Reese & Kin


FDC is such a well-rounded early education school!  We love it and our children loved it.  They offer nurturing, hands on learning experiences through cooking together, field trips, insects and animals, and the school environment itself is separated in different rooms.  They have a reading readiness room, gross motor room, calendar room and an art room.  They also have access to a kitchen where they do many wonderful activities with the kids.  We couldn’t have picked a better school!





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