Our School

Who We Are

The school is operated by a Board of Directors.  These board members are essential to the successful operation of this school.  They, along with the teachers, meet on a monthly basis to discuss the progress of the program and to determine the status of different areas within the program (fundraising, hospitality, publicity, etc.). 

The educational policies are determined by the Director and the teachers and approved by the Board of Directors.  Parents handle the administration so that the teachers will be free to concentrate on the educational program.  The teaching staff consists of a Director, teaching staff, and an aide.  All are qualified in their respective positions.  We take great pride in our teachers and all they have accomplished with the children over the years.


Directions to our School

From Route 79 North: Exit at Warrendale and turn left on 
Warrendale-Bayne Road. At the top of the hill, bear right on to Pleasant Hill Road. The school is approximately 1/2 mile down the road, on the left side.

From Cranberry or Route 79 South: Take Route 19 south, through Cranberry and under Route 79 to Warrendale-Bayne Road. Turn right on to Warrendale-Bayne Road. Cross under Route 79 again and continue to the top of the hill. Bear right on to Pleasant Hill Road. The school is approximately 1/2 mile down the road, on the left side.


Mission Statement

The Family Development Center, a non-profit association, was established in 1975 by a group of parents interested in developing a preschool program for three, four, and five-year-old children.  The program provides a broad range of learning experiences from group participation to individual creativity.  It develops new skills and guides a child to attain greater independence, self-confidence, and self-fulfillment.  The preschool is genuinely concerned with the total, healthy growth of your child.



The preschool is covered by liability insurance only.  Accident and health insurance are not provided.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Evaluation reports will be kept and monitored from September until May.  In January, we will hold parent/teacher conferences with all parents to discuss the progress that your child has made thus far in the year.  You will be able to talk to a teacher and view the reports in the evaluation folders. 

This is a valuable time to talk with the parents and let them know their child's strengths and weaknesses in all areas of their preschool development. 

We will also send home their evaluation folders in May so that you can view their continued progress from January.  If you would like to schedule another conference in the spring, please feel free to make tha request.  If at any time a parent has a concern or question about a child's progress, please talk to a teacher or the Director.  We are here to help you and your child.



Parents are required to drive students on field trips.  On field trips where there may be limited parking, we will assist in creating a car pool list. 

The preschool as obtained liability insurance coverage for drivers assisting on field trips.  Seat belts must be used.  According to state law, children must be secured in car seats/booster seats.  Please do not smoke in your car if you are a chaperone. 

When we travel longer distances, a school bus may be hired to transport adults and children.



Fundraising is vital to our preschool.  The money that is raised through our fundraising helps to provide the field trips and visitors for the school. 

As always, we are so thankful for the families who are able to participate each year.  We promise that the money that is raised for FDC is used appropriately & wisely.  In the tough economic times we are facing, it is important to know we are being as thrifty as possible with our finances.

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